Singing for food?!

Function: Asking for food in a fast-food restaurant.

Level: Elementary.


After teaching how to order at a fast-food restaurant and practicing those prompt dialogs loads of times, your students can be really bored due to the lack of variety of activities. Here’s a suggestion:

There’s a group of performers who sing literally everywhere for almost eveyrthing (to be filmed, of course). Give your students a menu or a notepad, and they will now be the clerk who will try to take their order. After watching the singing part, ask students to compare their answer and check if they are similar and if possible, have a competition so they can guess the price of the whole order.

The one who bets the closest number to the real price wins. 


After that, why not giving the students the opportunity to sing their order following the melody of their favorite song? It can be a very nice alternative to all that clerk-client dialogs they have to practice every class.